Biological Containment Laboratory Level 3 (NCB3)


Biological Containment Laboratory Level 3 (BCLL3) is dependent on the Advanced Research Facilities (SGIker). It is located in the Araba Campus of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal (UPV / EHU) and is placed in the Research Center LASCARAY Ikergunea.

Biological Containment Laboratory Level 3 (BCLL3) is a biological containment where potentially hazardous biological agents included in pollution level III are handled, ie infectious microorganisms, including genetically modified, cell cultures and human endoparasites, which may cause infection, allergy or toxicity, for which it is possible medical cure and medium risk for the population. Also included are those microorganisms that have to be classified in risk group 2 which require containment level 3 due to the risk of aerosol generation with high concentrations.

It occupies an area of 140 m2 on the first floor in addition to the installation of air conditioners on the jacket of the building and the digester effluent in the basement. Together consists of a Technical Area which includes all the mechanical elements of the facility, as air conditioners, car exhaust filters, steam generators, digester, etc..; a classified Zone, where all the work is developed and therefore designed to the initial needs of the projects being developed in terms of number of users, material flows, sterilization areas, etc., and exchange systems consisting of autoclaves, SAS and SAS biological materials that allow the output of materials and biological samples containment.