Advanced Computer Systems


The main objective is to provide students a body of advanced computer knowledge and skills on four research areas: Intelligent Systems, Natural Interaction, Distributed Systems and Web systems.

This knowledge will help the student to understand and identify problems to be solved by the techniques described in the master and evaluate, select and apply these techniques to obtain a global overview of the main challenges of innovation in those areas.

This fundamental objective is complemented by a series of traversal objectives that develop the skills necessary to address a research, such as search, preparation, presentation and review of scientific documents and the application of the scientific method.

All this knowledge will be applied in the development of small research projects in order to provide an overview of the main challenges in the development of a doctoral thesis.


  • To apply the scientific method in an individual research, with personal initiative and scientific curiosity, also from a group perspective dominating the techniques of collaborative work.
  • To develop small research on limited and addressed on the research lines agenda covered by the master and intended to provide an overview of the main challenges in developing a doctoral thesis.
  • To develop, evaluate, select, advise and adapt methods of interaction with computer systems close to natural interaction between people.
  • To develop, write and present scientific papers developed individually, or with a research group, or developed by other authors.
  • To search and analyze documents formally, using various methodical and critical technological means, and critical and contrastingly select information sources.
  • To understand and identify candidate problems to be solved by different techniques of artificial intelligence. Evaluate, select and implement the most appropriate set of techniques for its resolution.
  • To understand the fundamentals and application development technologies for the web, for having a general overview of the main challenges of innovation in this area.
  • To understand the principles, models and structures of the distributed systems and how applications are deployed on the computers, and learn and apply performance analysis methods.