Services offered, contracts and collaboration with other research groups

Members of the research group have been contracted by the Alava regional authority to develop a museographical project for the Museum of Alavese Heraldry. The museum is currently housed in the Mendoza family manor house in the village of Mendoza (Alava), and is part of a pioneering policy for the protection and cataloguing of such material being developed by the regional authority and also incorporating donations from private collections. The collection currently boasts some fifty coats of arms, most of them of small to medium size, though some are quite large. Both the collection itself , which has been fully catalogued, and the museum which houses it are almost unique in Spain for being so monographic and for showing such a degree of internal coherence. The only equivalent is the Museum of Institutional Heraldry of the Corona de Aragón housd in the Torre de Salamanca de Caspe in Zaragoza, and in the process of being incorporated into the Corona de Aragón's more general History Museum.

Since 2008 we have worked on philological aspects of the Nuevo Diccionario Histórico del Español (NDHE), a Proyecto Prioritario de Estado coordinated by the Fundación Instituto de Investigación Rafael Lapesa, itself part of the la Real Academia Española, and led by Don José Antonio Pascual. Similarly, Dra. Villacorta has worked on the edition of public and private medieval documents in different romance dialects from the Basque Country.