The University of the Basque Countrys (UPV / EHU) Sociology 2 Department emerged in 1992. Currently has 25 teachers, 3 researchers who are attached to research projects, 14 training researchers, a postdoctoral researcher, an Ikerbasque researcher, and an Administrative Secretary.

The Sociology 2 Department staff teaches in eleven degrees spread over the three campuses of the UPV / EHU. While its most teaching activity takes place in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, center in which its headquarters is located, the Department is present in other faculties and centers such as Industrial Relations, Pharmacy, Classrooms of Experience etc.

Besides offering undergraduate teaching, the Sociology 2 Department is responsible for the "Models and Areas for Research in Social Sciences" doctoral programme which got the" Quality Label" from The Ministry of Education and Science's  (form 2007 to 2011) and now enjoys the "Quality Label towards Excellence" from ANECA (2011-2014 ) . In addition, it is also responsible for the "Models and Research Areas in Social Sciences" Official Master that gives access to the doctoral programme and two Diplomas: Social Innovation and Creative and Cultural Industries (Postgraduate Own Master) and Hizkuntza Plangintza (University Specialist Graduate). The department staff also teaches in other postgraduate studies at the UPV / EHU and other universities.

The Sociology 2 Department teaching and research staff performs considerable research activity. This activity has resulted in the creation of and the membership of teachers in many research groups, some of which are already consolidated research groups, in pursuing research projects and in the publication of books and scientific articles.