Matxalen Legarreta Iza

Personal information

Category: Assistant Professor
Office: 4.189
Phone: 94 601 2141


Graduated in Sociology by the UPV / EHU and International PhD in Sociology by the same university. She has done postgraduate studies at UPV / EHU (University Specialist in Applied Social Research) and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Praxis Specialist in Sociology of Consumption: Theory and Practice of Market Research). Since 2008 she is lecturer of the Department of Sociology 2. Her main research areas are: domestic work and care, gender inequalities, Time Budget Surveys and sociology of time. She works from a feminist perspective that puts the sustainability of life in the center. She is a member of the Feminist Anthropology Research Group-AFIT. 


In graduate studies, she is lecturer on Sociology of Daily Life in the Degree of Sociology, as well as on Applied Statistics to Communication in the degrees of Journalism, Publicity and Public Relations, and Audiovisual Communication. She is also a lectures in postgraduate studies, on subjects that deal with feminist methodology, time and gender inequalities, and domestic work and care, in the following masters of the UPV/EHU: Models and Areas of Social Science Research Models and Research Areas in Social Sciences, Feminism and Gender Studies, and Equality of Women and Men. In addition, she is the coordinator of the Degree of Sociology.

Most relevant publications

Most relevant projects

  • The impact of the crisis on the distribution and co-responsibility of domestic work and care: obstacles, opportunities and ambivalences towards equality. UPV / EHU. 2015-2017 Type of participation: Main Researcher.
  • Employability of young people: formation, gender and territory. MINECO, State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation. 2014-2017. Type of participation: Collaborator. Main researcher: Vicent Borràs Català
  • Temporal logics and gender inequalities. A qualitative analysis on time distribution of men and women in the C.A of Euskadi. Emakunde-Basque Institute of Women. 2007-2008. Type of participation: Main researcher.

Direction of PhD thesis

  • La «triple presencia». Estudio sobre el trabajo doméstico y de cuidados, el trabajo remunerado y la participación sociopolítica. (The "triple presence". A research on domestic work and care, paid work and socio-political participation.) Co-direction with: Teresa Torns. PhD student: Marina Sagastizabal. (Reading scheduled for July 2017). 
  • Estrategias y sistemas colectivos de sostenibilidad de la vida en tiempo de crisis. Un acercamiento a las prácticas y experiencias del Estado Español. (Collective strategies and systems for the sustainability of life in times of crisis. An approach to the Spanish practices and experiences). Co-direction with: Mertxe Larrañaga. PhD student: Irati Mogollón. (In process).

Knowledge transfer and dissemination activities

Research contracts of special relevance with corporations and/or public administrations:

  • Two decades of social change in the C.A. of Euskadi through the use of time. Time Budget Survey. Basque Institute of Statistics-Eustat. 2015. Type of participation: Main Researcher.
  • Igorreko aisialdi zerbitzuen azterketa genero begiradatik (Study on leisure services from a gender perspective in Igorre). Town hall of Igorre (Bizkaia). 2015. Type of participation: Principal investigator.
  • Genero parekidetasunerako Lemoako 1go Plana (First Equality Plan of Lemoa). Town hall of Lemoa (Bizkaia). 2014. Type of participation: Main researcher.
  • Genero parekidetasunerako Lemoako Diagnostiko parte-hartzailea (Participatory diagnosis for the Lemoa Town Hall Equality Plan). Town hall of Lemoa (Bizkaia). 2012-2013. Type of participation: Main Researcher.
  • Emakume eta gizonen berdintasunerako Igorreko Igo Udal Plana (First Equality Plan of Igorre), 2011-2014. Town hall of Igorre (Bizkaia). 2009-2010. Type of participation: Main Researcher.
  • Igorreko Igo Berdintasun Planerako Diagnostikoa (Diagnosis for the First Equality Plan of Igorre). Town hall of Igorre (Bizkaia). 2008-2009. Type of participation: Main Researcher.
  • Entrepreneurship in the articulation of work life and personal and family life. Study on the entrepreneurs' discourses in Fuenlabrada, Parla and Valdemoro. Council of Women of Madrid. 2003-2004. Type of participation: Collaborator.

Dissemination activities:

  • She collaborates with local administration, associations and other local entities, working on awareness rising and  training related to gender inequalities in work and in the distribution of daily time.