José Ramón Mauleón Gómez

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Photo: José Ramón Mauleón Gómez

Category: Lecturer
Office: Department of Sociology 2 at the Faculty of Pharmacy
Telephone: +34 - 945 01 30 46
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Graduated in Sociology (University of Deusto), M.Phil in Sociology (University of Essex, United Kingdom), and PhD in Sociology (UPV/EHU). He was initially interested in Rural Sociology and  his PhD thesis analyzes the survival strategies carried out by family farms in the Basque Country. Subsequently, he has integrated the agrarian production in the wider context of food production. At present, his feels comfortable in the area of Sociology of Food Systems trying to understand the social dimension of agricultural production, food transformation and distribution, and food consumption. In the search of a more sustainable food system, his main research topics are: quality foods (Protected Denomination of Origin and organic food), and short food supply chains (farmers markets, consumers' associations, or vegetables box scheme).


  • "Food and culture". Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • "Sociology of Food Systems".  Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • "Sociology of Food Systems".  Degree in Geography and Land-use planning
  • "Consumer opinions on novel foods". Master in Nutrition and Health
  • "Identity, food and culture". Master in models and areas of research in social sciences

Most relevant publications

Most recent research projects

  • Las marcas de calidad en el mundo rural: nuevos retos para productores y consumidores ("Quality labels in rural areas: new challenges for producers and consumers"). Proyecto de I+D del Programa estatal de fomento de la investigación científica y técnica de excelencia, Subprograma de generación del conocimiento. 2014-2017 Investigador (CSO2013-42468-P)
  • Incidencia sobre la calidad de los productos y el medio ambiente de los diferentes sistemas de ganaderías con pequeños rumiantes de aptitud lechera. Empleo de indicadores económicos, sociales y ambientales y tipificación final de sistemas ("Effects of milk's cattle systems on product quality and environment. Use of economic, social and environmental indicators"). INIA (Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria) 2011-2013. Investigador. (RTA 2010-00064-004-01)

PhD thesis directed

  • Evaluación de las políticas de Desarrollo Rural en el País Vasco ("Evaluation of Rural Development policies in the Basque Country"). Beatriz Izquierdo. 2007
  • La sucesión en la ganadería familiar: ovino de leche en el País Vasco ("Succession in family cattle farming: sheep milk farms in the Basque Country"). Guadalupe Ramos. 2009
  • Modos de habitar (desde) lo gordo. El caso de las mujeres jóvenes obesas con bajo nivel educativo en la CAPV ("Ways to inhabit the thick. The case of young obese women with low education level in the Basque Country") . Esther Cruz (in progress)
  • Experiencias agroecológicas en Euskadi ("Agroecological initiatives in the Basque Country"). Ainhoa Zabala (in progress)

Knowledge transfer

  • Farm visits of students from primary and secondary schools. In collaboration with Vitoria-Gasteiz city council, Slow Food Araba, and University of the Basque Country to introduce agroecological issues to students. (from 2014)
  • Making of a map of Vitoria-Gasteiz showing the location of shops and restaurants selling vegetables produced nearby and delivered directly by farmer. Financed by the provincial authority of Alava (2014)
  • University vegetable garden. This resource is used for some teachers in order to provide a more practical teaching too their students. The vegetable garden is maintained offering courses or organic agriculture to students from the University of The Basque Country. The project is financed by the University and the Local Council. (2008-2016 project coordinator, from 2016 member of the work team)
  • Comprehensive program for the consumption's promotion of fruits and vegetables among children in Vitoria-Gasteiz (US 10/05). 2013
  • WikiElika. Participation in the Wiki managed by the Basque Foundation for Food Security editing 30 terms related with culture, distribution and consumption of food. 2012-2013
  • Coordinator of the Research Committee "Sociology of Food" ascribed to the Spanish Federation of Sociology. 2010-2013