University-accredited Master's and Postgraduate Degrees

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University-accredited Master's and Postgraduate degrees are specialist courses designed and run by the University itself, which adapt in a flexible manner to social demands, thus helping students orient or reorient their professional careers.

University-accredited qualifications are divided into University-accredited Master's Degrees (60 or more credits); University Specialisation Qualifications (between 30 and 59 credits); University Expert Qualifications (between 15 and 29 credits) and University Extension Diplomas (between 30 and 60 credits). Students wishing to access a University Extension Diploma course do not necessarily have to have earned an undergraduate degree. The university also runs a series of Complementary Courses (less than 20 credits) aimed at refreshing or expanding existing knowledge or gaining a greater level of specialisation in a specific field. These courses are run throughout the academic year and provide access to a university training certificate.

In order to adapt better not only to your training needs, but also to the time you have available, a large proportion of our internal university-accredited qualifications are being offered in modular format, i.e. by completing several lower-credit courses you can gradually accumulate enough credits to earn higher level qualifications, at your own pace.

For the EHUAlumni, most postgraduate programs offer a 3% discount on enrollment. If you want to be EHUAlumni, you can be here.

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