The aim of our university-accredited degrees, lifelong learning programmes and complementary courses is as follows:

  1. To impart knowledge not included in official syllabuses.
  2. To complete the academic training of graduates and postgraduates by offering them the opportunity to further their professional, scientific, technical and artistic development.
  3. To explore new research areas with potential professional applications, by establishing collaborative ties with both institutions and companies.
  4. To enable the in-service training of professionals, in order to enable them to adapt to the new needs of both society and the business world.

The courses are all complementary and can be organised in a Modular manner, with each one constituting a learning experience in its own right, but with a series of courses making up a Customised Programme, completed over a long period of time. In other words, by completing a certain number of lower-credit courses, students can eventually accumulate enough credits to earn a higher-level qualification.

Those in possession of a qualification earned at a foreign university wishing to access one of these courses are not obliged to have their qualification officially recognised. All that is required is the authorisation of the Vice-Chancellor, which is granted upon examination of the corresponding certificate and additional academic documents, in accordance also with that stated by any subsequent regulations.