Application for Issue of Duplicate Degree

Information about the application for issue of duplicate degree:

Issuance of duplicates will be carried out in the following cases:

  • For any alteration resulting from possible changes that affect the content of a degree (change of name, holder's nationality, etc.)
  • For loss, destruction or damage.

The issue of a duplicate requires the annulment of the original degree.

Degree duplicate issuance prices:

The amount of the issuance of the duplicate will be charged to the person concerned when they are the responsible party, which led to the issuance.

In the event of loss or destruction, the person concerned must also pay the amount for publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV). The application for duplicate in these cases may not be filed until one month from publication. When the loss, destruction, damage or clerical error of a degree is attributable to the University, the institution will initiate the procedure for issuance of a duplicate, free of charge for the person concerned.

Documentation required

  • Application form for degree remission (RT-7) (docx ,216.77 Kb)
  • Photocopy of the national ID document, on both sides, legible and in force.
  • Photocopy of the passport (only for foreigners).
  • Receipt of having paid the corresponding fees or bank transfer, once the transfer has been made, a receipt for this deposit must be sent to the Own Degrees Section.
    Any fees as a consequence of this procedure will be payable by the student and cannot be deducted from the amount of the fee. As a consequence, the Own Degrees Section must receive the exact amount of the fee.

Proof of any admissible reductions:

  • Large families:
    A certified photocopy or photocopy and original, for verification purposes, of the official degree that will be issued by the corresponding Regional Council or Organisation and which has not expired. If said entitlement has expired, the large family benefits will only be given to those that can provide justification showing that the renewal of this entitlement is in progress.
  • Victims of terrorist acts:
    Certificate issued by the Deputy Directorate General of Citizen Care and Assistance to Victims of Terrorism of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • 33% disabled:
    Certificate issued by the corresponding Regional Council or Organisation.

Prices to be paid:

 Type of Degree  Ordinary  Large family
 General category
 Large family, special category
 Victims of terrorist acts
 33% disabled
 Duplicate Degree  €35.35  €17.68  €0

Fees applicable until September 30, 2018.