About TSR

About TSR

TSR (Tratamiento de la Señal y Radiocomunicaciones / Signal Processing and Radiocommunication) is a research lab that belongs to the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (UPV/EHU, University of the Basque Country) and more precisely to the Dpt. of Communications Engineering of this institution.

Next events:

June 2024: The UPV/EHU at the IEEE BMSB 2024 Conference

Pablo Angueira, Jon Montalbán and Iñigo Bilbao attended the 19th IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (IEEE BMSB 2024). 19th-21th June. Toronto (Canada)

The following contributions will be presented:

  • Improving ATSC 3.0 Channel Estimation using AI Techniques

Iradier, E.; Bilbao, I.; Montalban, J.; Angueira, P.; Park, S-Y.; Kwon, S.; Hur

  • ATSC Core Network: Encryption Analysis and Evaluation

Amezola, M.; Iradier, E.; Cabrera, R.; Landrove, O.; Montalban, J.; Angueira 

  • Federated Learning-based Unicast/Multicast Service Delivery over 6G O-RAN Framework

Carballo, C.; Fontes, E.; Montalban, J.; Iradier, E.; Angueira, P.; Murroni

  • Cancelling Adjacent Channel Interference for In-Band Full-Duplex Communications

Hong, Z.; Wu, Y.; Li, W.; Zhang, L.; Ahn, S.; Park, S-Y.; Hur, N.; Iradier, E.; Montalban, J.; Angueira

  • In-Band Full-Duplex Communications with MIMO in ATSC 3.0

Hong, Z.; Li, W.; Zhang, L.; Wu, Y.; Park, S-Y.; Ahn, S.; Hur, N.; Iradier, E.; Montalban, J.; Angueira