Definition and objectives

The Global Change & Heritage Training and Research Unit was set up in November 2011 as a further step in building up the academic transversality of three research groups with a solid, broadly proven background (IBeA, GPAC and HIG), from different subject areas and fields of knowledge but joined in a common project.

The concept of "Global Change" represents a holistic view of the issues associated with climate change, the negative effects which compromise humanity's cultural and natural "heritage" and sustainable development to correct them.

"Heritage" and landscape (seen as including both the natural and the human) are the concepts which explain and justify the joining of the three research structures, making it possible for them to set common goals.  Thus, cultural and built heritage on the one hand and the heritage of nature, water and territory on the other, together with environmental impacts on them, make up the Heritage value chain in its entirety, as such a subject of interdisciplinary research to allow its complexity to be understood. The added value of this formulation lies precisely in the simultaneous consideration of Heritage (place, time and material) as a constant, dynamic, spatial and temporal complex on different scales.