Areas of research

The lines of research pursued jointly by the Training and Research Unit are the following:

  1. Pollution, Diagnosis and Environmental Recovery
  2. Research and Innovation in Heritage (natural and cultural)
  3. The Impact of Global Change

With regard to the lines of research included in Training and Research Unit doctoral programmes, the following should be highlighted:

  1. Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  2. Marine Pollution
  3. Pollution: Diagnosis and Environmental Recovery
  4. Analytical Research and Innovation
  5. Environmental Risk Assessment
  6. Analysis of Materials and Factories: Degradation-Interaction with the Environment
  7. Techniques, Methods and Materials for Rehabilitating Existing Buildings
  8. Hydrogeology ad Water Pollution
  9. The Impact of Climate Change
  10. The Environmental Implications of Agricultural Activities
  11. Hydro-Geochemical Modelling
  12. Water Quality (Mathematical Models)
  13. Preliminary Analyses of Historic or Pre-Existing Constructions: Structural Characterisation and Characterisation of the Structure
  14. Standards and Meta-Information and the Transcendence of Information in Heritage Documentation
  15. Developing Unified Procedures for Heritage Management
  16. Systems for Museological Conservation and Revitalisation of Heritage Sites and Ensembles
  17. The Economics of Heritage: Carrying Out Econometric Impact Studies
  18. The Value Chain in Built Heritage Management
  19. Tools and Working Procedures for the Diachronic Analysis of Historic Buildings
  20. Historic urban landscapes.