Definition and objectives

The areas of study of the University of the Basque Country Training and Research Unit "Psychology and Society in the 21st Century", hereinafter UFIPSXXI, are social issues from a psychological and social standpoint, in particular the study of immigration, violence and trauma and physical and mental health, as well as individual and social welfare throughout the life cycle, in the community, education and organisations including healthcare providers.

The UFIPSXXI is conceived as an interdisciplinary unit, revolving around the study of the psychosocial processes in social issues, health and welfare in the community, school, healthcare institutions and organisations.

The values, purposes and metas desirable in culture, social beliefs concerning the self and the social world, the processes of regulating emotions and their individual determinants (personality traits, beliefs and values) and behavioural aspects (health and risk behaviours, public and anti-social behaviours, cooperation and aggression) make up the common conceptual sphere. This is a field in which psychologists, sociologists and educationalists can work together.

With regard to the specific training aspect, the UFIPSXXI concentrates its principal lines of action on: social and behavioural issues: violence and gender; psychosocial factors in physical and mental health; beliefs, values and welfare; transmission through the family and school.

The framework in which the UFIPSXXI carries on its activities is quality of life and, in particular, attempting to improve people's quality of life throughout their lifetime, to result in a healthy old age.