Areas of research

The Organic Chemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis (QOSYC) Training and Research Unit pursues the following lines of joint research:

  1. Computational chemistry
  2. Bioorganic Chemistry
  3. Sustainable Chemistry
  4. Heterocyclic Chemistry
  5. The chemistry of phosphor and fluor
  6. Asymmetric Catalysis and Organocatalysis
  7. Asymmetric Synthesis
  8. Aromatic Metallation Processes
  9. Palladium-catalysed intra-molecular coupling reactions. Mizoroki-Heck reaction vs. C-H link activation or direct arylation
  10. Solid-phase synthesis. Combinatorial Chemistry
  11. Design and synthesis of enzymatic inhibitors and radiopharmaceuticals
  12. New methodologies in asymmetric synthesis using β-amino alcohols as chirality inducers
  13. Cascade Reactions