Erik Urionabarrenetxea Gorroño

PhD student

Graduated in Environmental Sciences in 2012 and MsC in Environmental engineering research (2014) at the University of the Basque Country. The Master Thesis entitled “Joint effect of temperature and cadmium in Eisenia fetida earthworms at different exposure times and biological complexity levels” was completed at the Department of Zoology and Animal Cell Biology of the UPV/EHU under the supervision of Dr. Manu Soto and Dr. Ana Elias. He started his PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Dr. Manu Soto and Dr. Beñat Zaldibar in the framework of the assessment and the remediation of polluted soils, with the title “Determination of environmental factors affecting the assessment of the risk produced by model pollutants on soil organisms regarding natural and remediated soils”. He performed a research stay during his PhD of two weeks (2017) at European Food Safety Authority headquarters in Parma (Italy). Main skills achieved during this period include earthworm care and maintenance, experimentation with soil organism, soil remediation by using soft technologies, the prediction of environmental concentrations with insilico approaches and soil health assessment by using biological approaches (biomarkers). He has presented 14 contributions to International Congresses and Symposia. He has 1 paper published in international journals.