Economía: Aplicaciones Empíricas y Políticas / Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies


The goal of this master program is to provide a sound understanding of Economics and its applications. Students learn empirical modes of inquiry and quantitative methods, as well as how to apply theory and methods to a wide range of economic problems. After completing this master, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to conduct independent economic analysis both, in the public and the private sectors. They will also be well equipped to pursue a PhD in Economics. All classes in this master program are taught in English.

This master program is designed to be completed in one year at a full time pace. There exists the possibility of enrolling on a part time basis, although in that case students will need two years for completion. The program consists of five blocks. The first block provides a review of the background knowledge students need to successfully participate in the program. The second block includes courses that form the basic toolkit of an economist. The third and fourth blocks include courses in a wide variety of topics among which students make their choice depending on their preferences and curriculum design. In the fifth block students implement the skills previously acquired by writing an essay on a specific subject.

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Nivel de cualificación

Este título tiene reconocido el Nivel 3 del Marco Español de Cualificaciones para la Educación Superior (MECES) y se corresponde con el Nivel 7 del Marco Europeo de Cualificaciones (EQF), de acuerdo con lo establecido en el Real Decreto 22/2015, de 23 de enero (BOE 07/02/2015).

Este máster está orientado hacia la actividad investigadora como paso previo a las enseñanzas de doctorado