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Contact data

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Carlos Rodríguez González
Vicedean International Relations

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Avda. Lehendakari Agirre, 83 - 48015 Bilbao (Bizkaia)


In order to be admitted as an Erasmus student to the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the University of the Basque Country (UBC), students should currently belong to an institution with which the University of the Basque Country has a formal Erasmus Bilateral Agreement. Therefore students should check with the Erasmus Coordinator of their home University to confirm whether it has an agreement with the UBC (UPV/EHU). We maintain currently agreements with more than 50 universities in Europe, Latin America and other countries.

After your Coordinator gets in touch with ours by email ( we will send you an email, confirming the reception of your nomination and most important the exact day for the welcome day we organize for all foreign students some days before the winter or spring semester starts.

Bachelors and Studies offered

Our degree system consist of four years divided in 2 semesters each (called "cuatrimestres"). You can follow the links below to find out all the courses with a short syllabus and the corresponding program.

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management

Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor in Finance and Insurance

Bachelor in Taxation and Public Administration

Bachelor in Marketing


Courses and Credit points

All the subjects belonging to the bachelors ("Grados") are already based on ECTS system and are 6 ECTS worth.

All courses belong to the first semester (1º cuatrimestre) or to the second semester (2º cuatrimestre). So you should check if the subjects you are interested in belong to the first or second semester.

Academic Calendar

The link to the academic calendar and courses timetable is available for the previous academic year until the very beginning of the next academic year. It may change only slightly year to year, but we recommend you checking it time to time.

It is very important to start your studies on time. If it is not possible you should ask for approval to


The deadline for submitting the application is 15 June for students applying for the whole academic year or first semester and 15 December for those applying only for the second semester.

The application for incoming students is online. Follow the link below to do it:

• Copy of your passport or ID
Proof of Health Insurance
• 1 photo

Once you arrived in September or in January you will have some time to make your final decision before courses registration and decide upon your final Learning Agreement.

When you get to Bilbao to materialize your application you will need the following documents:

  • European Medical Insurance Card
  • One passport size photo

You will be provided with:

  • The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies Student Card.
  • The University of the Basque Country Library Card.
  • An e-mail account and the corresponding access to internet.


ERASMUS students will be fulltime students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies with all the usual privileges and responsibilities attached to this position.

Courses taught in English

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers also some courses in english available for all students, specially recommended for foreign ones. The courses programs are the same as for Spanish courses.


Cicerone Programme

Our "Cicerone programme" will help you in many ways:

  • You will be given your student´s contact details prior to your travel date, so that he/she can answer your first questions
  • Your Cicerone student will try to meet you the day you arrive in the Basque Country, either at the train/bus station/airport or in the city, to give you first-hand orientations about the city
  • Your Cicerone student will take you to our Help Centre, where our staff will help you find permanent accommodation, inform you about our Spanish/Basque courses for visitors and give you details about student services on campus
  • Your Cicerone student will walk you to your international tutor´s desk and help you with enrolment redpaper at your faculty or school

Practical Information

For any further question you may have, you can send an email to