"European Social Law And Seafarers’ Rights" JEAN MONNET Module

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European Social Law and Seafarer’s rights” Jean Monnet module, led by Senior Lecturer Professor Olga Fotinopoulou Basurko, is focused on the analysis of European social law and policy related to seafarers. The objective is offer to the students and professionals of maritime transport sector a general overview about the European social model through the greatest example of the major mobile workers in the world. In this context, the aim of this Jean Monnet module is to analyze the seafarers’ working and living conditions because it is the better example in which how the globalization impacts over industrial relations and the role of European institutions facing it, can be discussed. The objective is to promote and give greater visibility to the European studies on seafarers, both within the universities participating in this Jean Monnet action and outside. Teaching about the reality of European maritime gives to students, future and current professionals of the sector relevant knowledge for their academic and professional lives, but also improves the quality of professional training and the governance of the European Union policies applicable to seafarers.

In relation to the background of this module, it is consequence of the concern of a researchers group dedicated to maritime labour law, which work each other from long-time, which have noted the clear absence of this subject in research and studies. The module includes 50 hours distributed in 10 lessons divided in five parts covering the main aspects related to European regulation and seafarers. All teaching staff is expert in maritime labour, mainly from juridical point of view, but also with the participation of ex-professionals, now teachers at maritime colleges.

The “European Social Law and Seafarers’ rights” Jean Monnet Module is addressed to The Faculty of Law, Faculty of Labour Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business and Faculty of Navigation Students at the University of the Basque Country, but also to professionals of maritime transport sector.

The number of participants will be not more than 40 students. See the (Abre una nueva ventana)detailed programme schedule course 2018/2019 (pdf ,241 Kb) below


Teaching Staff

Photo: Olga Fotinopoulou Basurko

Dra. Olga Fotinopoulou Basurko

Academic coordinator / PI
University of the Basque Country

Photo: Patrick Chaumette

Dr. Patrick Chaumette

Prof. University of Nantes (France)
Human Sea project

Photo: Alexandre Charbonneau

Dr. Alexandre Charbonneau

Senior Lecturer University of Bordeaux (France)

Photo: Arantzazu Vicente Palacio

Dr. Arantzazu Vicente Palacio

Prof. University of Jaume I Castellón

Photo: Xosé Manuel Carril Vázquez

Dr. Xosé Manuel Carril Vázquez

Senior Lecturer. University of A Coruña

Photo: Isabel Ribes Moreno

Dr. Isabel Ribes Moreno

Associate prof. University of Cádiz

Photo: François Mandin

Dr. François Mandin

Senior Lecturer. University of Nantes

Photo: Julio Louro Rodríguez

Dr. Julio Louro Rodríguez

Senior Lecturer. University of A Coruña

Photo: Rosa Mary de la Campa Portela

Dr. Rosa Mary de la Campa Portela

Senior Lecturer. University of A Coruña

Photo: Asunción López Arranz

Dr. Asunción López Arranz

Senior Lecturer prof. University of A Coruña

For more information about the teaching Staff and activities, see: www.maritimeworkwatch.eu

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