Sistema de evaluación y escala de calificación


Final grades are usually obtained after a written exam, based on the knowledge and skills acquired by the student during the semester. Some courses, however, include the completion of practical exams, reports or different works, done during the semester.

The Bologna educational method is based on continuous assessment of the student´s progression. All exercises, reports, compositions and practical work done by the student throughout the semester are of relevance for final grades.


The Spanish grading system is numerical (from 0 to 10) and textual. A minimal score of 5 is required for the student to pass.

Grades in letters Numerical grades Description
Matrícula de Honor - This special mention can be granted to students who obtained 9 points at least. No more than 5% of students may obtain this mention.
Sobresaliente 9 - 10 Granted to outstanding students who have fulfilled all course requirements completely.
Notable 7 - 8.9 Grade given to students who fulfill course requirements satisfactorily.
Aprobado 5 - 6.9 For students who have fulfilled a minimum number of course requirements.
Suspenso 0 - 4.9 Mark obtained by students who have failed the exam. No credits are awarded.
No presentado - Given to students who do not take the exam. No credits are awarded.