Asignaturas y créditos

All the subjects belonging to the degree are already based on ECTS system and they are worth 6 ECTS.

You have below the list of all the subjects of the degree.

All courses belong to the first semester or to the second semester. So you should check if the subjects you are interested in belong to the first or second semester.

If you''re willing to study in Spanish, you can follow all the subjects in this important language (except the ones of learning of Technical Basque Language).

If you're willing to study in English, our offer is more limited, but you can ask for more information about the expected offer for next academic course in this language to the Erasmus Coordinator ( because we are trying to improve our offer year by year.

In both semesters you can also follow a 6 ECTS course of "spanish for foreigners" and a course of "basque for foreigners", and before the beginning of the first semester, you can find an intensive course of Spanish for foreigners that has only 4 credits.
The courses of languages ​​are not in the Faculty, but the Campus has not big distances.

For more information about these courses:

And, at last, you can also find some courses of languages, translation and so on at the Faculty of Arts of our Campus; you can follow them if you have, for example, the enough level of English. This offer and any other subject offered in our Campus (Álava Campus, located on Vitoria-Gasteiz) may be accessible if you ask for it (if they have seats and if the timetable makes it possible).

Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Business Administration: Introduction 1 6 D
Introduction to Accounting 1 6 D
Introduction to Economics II: Principles of Macroeconomics 1 6 D
Introduction to Law 1 6 D
Mathematics I 1 6 S
Financial Accounting 2 6 D
Business Administration: Organization and Management 2 6 D
Economic History 2 6 D
Introduction to Economics  I: Principles of Microeconomics 2 6 D
Mathematics II 2 6 S
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Cost Accounting 1 6 O
Marketing Management: Introduction 1 6 O
Statistics and Data Analysis 1 6 O
Mathematics of Financial Operations 1 6 O
Microeconomics 1 6 O
Advanced Financial Accounting 2 6 O
Marketing Management: Policies 2 6 O
Finance Management: Financing 2 6 O
Statistics Applied to Business 2 6 O
Economic Structure 2 6 O
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Accounting Analysis 1 6 O
Strategic Management: Business Policy 1 6 O
Econometrics 1 6 O
Macroeconomics 1 6 O
Tax System of the Business 1 6 O
Consolidation of Financial Statements 2 6 O
Strategic Management: Growth and Business Development 2 6 O
Optional Subjects - - -
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Company Law 1 6 0
Financial Management: Investment 1 6 O
Business Management Computer Systems 1 6 O
Optional Subjects - - P
Final year Project - 12 Final year project

D=Basic area-subject; S= Basic from other areas; O= Compulsory; P= Elective; Y= Final year project

Minor: Social Management of Businesses
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Companies & Sustainable Development 2 6 P
Management of Social Aspects of Business 2 6 P
Introduction to the Social Economy & Corporate Social Responsibility 2 6 P
Management of Social Responsibility in Business 1 6 P
Territorial Management of Social Responsibility 1 6 P
Minor: Marketing
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Sales Management & Distribution 2 6 P
Commercial Communication 2 6 P
Marketing Research 2 6 P
International Marketing 1 6 P
Business Simulation in Marketing 1 6 P
Minor: Finance
Subject name Semester No. of Credits Type
Management in Financial Markets: Fixed Income 2 6 P
Management of Financial Markets: Variable Income & Derivatives 2 6 P
Valuation of Firms 2 6 P
International Financial Management 1 6 P
Management of Financial Organisations 1 6 P


If you want to get the syllabus of each subject, go to the next link.

All subjects are described in the language they are taught on the present academic course, but, as it has been said before, we hope the offer to be increased year by year.