This course has been designed for students who have successfully completed the course "Effective Research Communication". You will have the opportunity to explore and practice further the linguistic aspects of research communication, to an advanced level. You will improve your abstract writing skills, analyse the style and format of academic papers, practice how to answer adequately to reviewers’ comments and how to write a review, as well how to prepare a poster presentation. The course is very practical and hands-on. Come and join us!


  • Routine communication:  Letters and E-mail writing: Style and formal conventions.
  • Writing an abstract: Structure and style. Clarity, accuracy, simplicity.
  • Writing a paper: Style and format. Scientific writing, being clear and concise, structuring the discourse. Sentence length, emphasis, commonly confused words.
  • Review of papers: Answering adequately to reviewers’ comments, writing a review.
  • Preparing and giving an oral presentation: Talking to an audience. Transition phrases. Improving pronunciation, frequently mispronounced words.
  • Poster presentations: Presenting a poster in English, style and formal conventions.
  • Social English at academic events: Informal communication.


  • Abstract-writing (25%)
  • Short paper (25%)
  • Oral presentation related to the student’s field (25%)
  • Participation in class (25%)
  • Progress Certificate

Attendance requirement in order to pass the course: at least de 80% of the sessions



  • Fees: 120€ (El pago se realizará a través de transferencia a la c/c de Kutxabank nº ES58 2095 0292 97 1063455413. Deberá hacer constar nombre y apellidos). 
  • Fee reduction. 
  • EHU-Ikasle insurance fee: 4€ (If you are already registered as a student on another course or complementary course in 2019-2020, you are exempt from this insurance fee)
  • Aimed at: Researchers and future researchers
  • Dates: From 17th February to 27th April 2019
  • Timetable: Monday 15:00 to 17:00   
  • 2 ECTS credits.
  • Course description.
  • Limited spaces!
  • Click here to register: until 7th February!!
Oficina de Extensión Universitaria: Tel. 943 01 85 07. E-mail: gi-kultura@ehu.eus