Academic Secretary

Pedro María Iriondo Bengoa


Contact Information:


Begoña Rodriguez


Rectorate Building


Sarriena, s/n 48940-Leioa (Bizkaia)



He will carry out the functions contained in Article 187 of the Statutes

The Academic  Secretary will assume responsibility for the legal status and the supervision of the legality of the actions of the University, as well as the creation, transformation, elimination and legal status of the different University structures, without harm to the possibility of assigning these structures to other Vice-Rectorates to carry out their activities. The Academicl Secretary will assume the effort for the launch of the e-Administration.

Despite the aforementioned, the Secretary will be delegated with competencies attributed to the Rector for official representation of the University before public powers in judicial and administrative matters, as well as legal representation of the University, without harm to competencies of other areas.

The Academic Secretary will assume responsibility for the University relations with the institutions of Ombudsman and Ararteko, the Basque Data Protection Agency, as well as with Aldezle, promoting and coordinating the actions of all services for this matter.