Vice Rector for Basque Language and Continuing Education

Jon Zarate Sesma

Contact Information


Leire Iriondo 


Rectorate Building


Sarriena, z/g  48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)



The Vice Rector for Basque Language will develop the functions contained in Articles 115, 117 and 118 of the Statutes. Despite the aforementioned, the Vice Rector for  Basque Language is delegated with the authority for the accreditation of the Basque language and Editorial Service.

Continuing Education:

  • Authorization of instruction and curricula for the University's own degree programs (undergraduate degrees) and University's specialist degrees (postgraduate degrees) and other permanent training courses.
  • Academic studies information listed above.
  • Student access and admission to the above mentioned studies.
  • Registration, evaluation and convalidation of the degree programs listed above.
  • All actions derived from and related to the above programs, required or covered in the various regulations, before institutions or government offices, or by request from interested third parties.