Vice Rector for Innovation, Social Outreach and Cultural Activities

Idoia Fernández Fernández


Contact Information


Deñe Larrabeiti Mendikute


Central Library building

Dirección Postal:

Sarriena, s/n 48940-Leioa (Bizkaia)




  • Support of the teaching-learning processes and curriculum development of official degrees.
  • Training of the teaching and research staff, in coordination with the Vice Rectorate in charge of teaching and research staff.
  • Implementation and dissemination of innovation programs in the field of courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, in coordination with the Vice Rector in charge of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Evaluation of teaching process.
  • Online support for teaching and learning.
  • Training in quality management and dissemination of results and good practices.
  • Support for the monitoring and accreditation of official degree programs.
  • Evaluation of the activity of services and organizational units.
  • Collaboration with agencies for quality.

Social Commitment:

  • Collaboration with public or private entities in the field of sustainability and social commitment (gender, cooperation, volunteering...)
  • Design and implementation of policies to ensure the effective compliance of gender equality, in line with the consideration of the equality of women and men, as a goal for all bodies and people that constitute the University Community of the UPV/EHU.
  • Forums of debate and spaces for encountering with society.

Cultural Activities:

  • Promotion of training, research and dissemination of art and culture.