Vice Rector for Coordination and International Relations

Marta Barandiaran Landin


Contact Information


Arantxa Muñoz          


Vice-Rectorate of the Gipuzkoa Campus. Julianategi.


Sarriena, s/n 48940-Leioa (Bizkaia)



  • Coordination of inter-area projects.
  • Strategic Planning of the University.
  • Coordination and follow-up of the activity of the Internal Control Service.
  • Coordination of economic and financial policy.
  • Establishment of general lines of orientation of the economic activity of the UPV/EHU on development of guidelines derived from the Government Council.
  • Representation of the Rector before the internal bodies of the University in the economic area.
  • Management of internal and external communication of the University, and attention to all the queries and requests for information.
  • Exterior projection of the corporate image of the University.

International Relations:

  • Activities in collaboration with universities or other foreign entities, and in particular with Aquitaine universities and universities belonging to the Ibero-American space.
  • Management and promotion of student exchange activities, teaching and research personnel and administration and services personnel with foreign entities.
  • Management of mobility programs.
  • Information to the Vice-Rectorates and follow-up in the case of international programs of interest for the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in teaching, research, organizational or financial areas.
  • Collaboration activities with public or private entities in the field of Basque and Spanish as foreign languages, as well as of other languages other than the official languages of the University, without harm to those corresponding to other Vice-Rectorates in this matter.
  • Welcoming foreign visitors
  •  Any other actions in the field necessary to promote the presence of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea in international forums and enhance its visibility and international projection.


  • Inclusion of non-official languages to course offerings.
  • Accreditation of teachers for teaching using non-official languages.
  • Promotion of conferences and courses in non-official languages.