Useful information for foreign students before arriving in the faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the University of the Basque Country


The University of the Basque Country is distributed in three main campuses located in the three provinces of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. The Faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the University of the Basque Country allows the students to graduate in Medicine, Odontology and Physiotherapy.

In Medicine, preclinical courses are settled in the Campus of Bizkaia (Leioa) and clinical ones do it in four different units affiliated to their respective University Hospitals and distributed across the three main cities of the Basque Country: two in Bilbao metropolitan (Hospital Universitario de Cruces and Hospital Universitario de Basurto), one in San Sebastian (Hospital Universitario Donostia), and one in Vitoria (Hospital Universitario Txagorritxu). The studies of Odontology, as a whole, are settled in the Campus of Bizkaia.

ERASMUS exchange program

Foreign students included in the Erasmus program are welcomed in Medicine, especially in the last courses and for practices at the Hospitals, in Odontology as in Physiotherapy. Candidates in Medicine are distributed in our Hospitals by the Vicedean of International Relationships depending on the local necessities and possibilities. Candidates must ask for the final destination prior to arrange their accommodations.

The Faculty is open to new Erasmus exchanges in Medicine, Odontology, Nursing and Physiotherapy

Interested Faculties included in this geographical area are requested to contact the Vicedean of International Relatioships (see the address below).


Foreign students aiming to visit and study at our Faculty are requested to check our curricula to accommodate their necessities to our possibilities. The student is requested to visit our web for further information (

  1. All courses are one year long, starting in September and ending in June.
  2. Subjects may be one year or one semester long, depending on the amount of credits.


Faculty of Medicine and Nursing

The University of the Basque Country
Barrio Sarriena s/n
48940 Leioa, Bizkaia

Phone: +34.94.601.2777
Fax: +34.94.601.3270




  • Prof. Miren Agurtzane Ortíz Jauregui
  • Prof. Jose Vicente Lafuente Sánchez
  • Prof. Montserrat Fonseca Alfonso
  • Prof. Jose Ignacio Ruiz Sanz
  • Prof. Mª Alicia García De Galdeano Zaldivar
  • Prof. Elena Sevillano
  • Prof. Itziar San Martin Eguía
  • Prof. Pedro Bilbao Zulaica
  • Prof. Irrintzi Fernández Aedo

Faculty coordinators at the Hospitals

Unidad Docente de Basurto

Unidad Docente de Cruces

Docente de Donostia

Unidad Docente de Vitoria

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