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Catalina García Espinosa de los Monteros

Catalina García

Professor of Training for Industrial Work. Speciality Electricity. Degree in Pedagogy, Escuela Normal Superior de México. Master's and Ph.D. Philosophy of Science, UNAM. Official Master Interuniversity UPV-EHU-UNAM. Currently, student of the PhD in Philosophy, Science and Values (UPV-EHU).

My thesis "Patrimonialisation and socio-technical constitution The Necaxa Hydroelectric Complex as a reticular device" refers to the process of appropriation of this ancient Complex as an inheritance, memory and identity of a community of workers, peoples, engineers, academics and other actors.  It is part of my reflection on electrical systems as feats of Physics and Engineering, but simultaneously pose challenges to the Philosophy of Science and Technology due to networks of heterogeneous and contradictory interactions woven between them and human and nonhuman actors . They involve intense territorial uses and primary energies that modify the lives of peoples, regions and all forms of life. In many cases they mean exclusion, eviction and destruction. Technological devices can not be thought out of history and are not necessarily signs of "progress." I question that energy is a commodity, it is a vital medium whose structuring should respect diverse ways of thinking and living.