UPV/EHU’s 5th Staff Training Week 21-25 October 2019)

In April 2019, the UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY will start organizing its 5th Staff Training Week (STW).

  • It will take place from the 21st to the 25th of October 2019.
  • The application period will start in May 2019. Participants will be selected in June 2019.
  • If you are interested in participating, please, fill the following questionnaire in: https://www.encuestafacil.com/RespWeb/Qn.aspx?EID=2463764

As soon as we start organizing the staff week, in April - May 2019, we will send you information in detail with the final dates, the official application procedure and the programme.

IMPORTANT: We will ONLY contact and accept staff working in international relations/ international student and staff mobility/ mobility exchange agreements… People with other profiles should write to international@ehu.eus


As a reference, here you have information about UPV/EHU`s 4th Staff Training Week (4 – 8 June 2018)

In 2018 the STW took place in Donostia/San Sebastián (three nights) and Bilbao (two nights). We also made day trips to our campus in Vitoria/Gasteiz and our main university complex in Leioa, near Bilbao.

  • We organized a mixture of workshops and presentations about our University. We also visited some of our faculties and schools. Meetings with concrete international coordinators at the Faculties were arranged on demand.
  • All participants were invited to present a best practice of their home university in the area of services for exchange students/staff and/or Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility.
  • This year we had the great pleasure to host, as special guests, representatives of thirteen universities in United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Russian Federation. These universities take part in our 2017 Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project.
  • We also hosted 18 participants from Universities in The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovenia. 

More information about the 2018 programme: programme (PDF)

  • Degree of satisfaction of the participants (received via anonymous evaluation questionnaire) regarding:
    • Organization: 4,85/5,00
    • Acquired knowledge: 5,00/5,00
  • Some comments of the 2018 participants (received via anonymous evaluation questionnaire): 
    • Overall the STW at your university was amazing.
    • I truly enjoyed leaning about UPV/EHU and the Basque culture, as well as features of the Erasmus+ ICM program.
    • Overall, the visit was very informative and very well organized. I really enjoyed getting to know all the participants and explore the Basque Country.
    • Altogether, this was a very rewarding experience which was extremely well organized and thought out by UPV/EHU. I believe that these types of programs are far more useful and beneficial to all parties than the large International Education conferences held every year (APAIE, EAIE, NAFSA).

*** Article in UPV/EHU’s newsletter about the 2018 Staff Training Week:



1. Information about the evaluation results of the 2017 STW (29 participants from 16 countries).

  • Satisfaction regarding
    • Organization: 4,65/5,00;
    • Acquired knowledge: 4,50/5,00.
  •  Some comments of the 2017 participants received via anonymous evaluation questionnaire: 
    • Amazing professional and personal experience.
    • The Best Staff Week I had the chance to participate in.
    • Thanks for all!!! It was one of the best E+ mobilities I did.
    • Thank you for your great job! I loved the STW that you have prepared and you have worked really hard!!! It was a life-enriching experience!
    • Thank you for the perfectly organized and inspiring week. The programme was perfectly balanced, yet demanding, which is good.


2. Information about the evaluation results of the 2016 STW (29 participants from 18 countries).

  • Satisfaction regarding
    • Organization: 4,93/5,00;
    • Acquired knowledge: 4,96/5,00.
  • Some comments of the 2016 participants received via anonymous evaluation questionnaire: 
    • It was a fantastic and productive week!
    • I think we had a perfect week in both fields: work and leisure
    • I really enjoyed it! It was very well organized. The topics were very well chosen.
    • Congratulations for hosting such an event.
    • Thank you for all! It was amazing to attend this STW


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: projects.international@ehu.eus