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Autonomous Adaptation Strategies for Multiuser Multimedia Transmissions in the LTE Uplink [accepted]

Jose Oscar Fajardo, Fidel Liberal, Is-Haka Mkwawa, Lingfen Sun
IEEE ICC 2014 – CSSMA (Communications Software, Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium) Sydney, Australia. 10-14 June

This paper analyzes the scenario where multiple users are trying to transmit the same or related content to a common destination through a shared radio access network. A specific aspect of this study is that all users work for a common objective, as it would be the transmission of critical emergency-related media contents to a central operator. We analyze the performance achievable using an LTE cell, with different client-driven autonomous adaptation strategies that take both the network performance and the battery status as input parameters. Remarkable performance results are achieved in terms of number of acceptable uplink video streams in different simulation scenarios. The work would help for designing context- and network-aware adaptation schemes for emergency mobile applications.<\/span>