Caracterización Temporal de GNU/Linux para el Diseño de un Inyector Software de Tráfico Sintético

Alberto Pineda, Armando Ferro, Alejandro Muñoz, Luis Zabala
XXV Simposium Nacional URSI. Bilbao, Spain. September 15-17

The rate of networks is bigger all the time. Because of this increase, computational ability of network resources and principal servers could not be adequate. In order to improve the performance of this equipment traffic generators are needed. These have to generate modelled traffic flows at high rates. To do this, the system must measure short lapses of time. This paper studies how the traffic generator over GNU/Linux sends a packet. It presents some temporary parameters to define the packet sending. Some experiments have been done in order to measure those parameters. Thanks to those measurements, this paper studies how this sending is, in fact. This helps taking decisions in the final design of the traffic generator.<\/span>