Diseño para la captura y análisis de flujos con prioridad en un sensor de tráfico a nivel de kernel

Lander Alonso, Armando Ferro, Luis Zabala, Alberto Pineda
XXVI Simposium Nacional URSI. Leganés, Spain. September 7-9

This paper describes the research for a priority flow oriented design of the Ksensor architecture. Ksensor is a multiprocessor traffic capture and analysis system for high speed networks developed at kernel space. While the actual architecture permits the capture and analysis of data flows, there are several scenarios where it does not perform adequately to achieve this goal. For example, if a certain type of traffic is more valuable than others. Thus, this project pursues the design that allows Ksensor to provide data flow treatment to a larger extent. Allowing the new architecture to provide more reliability in data flow capture and processing.<\/span>