Estrategia de Integración de la Plataforma velocimetro.org en la Infraestructura Global de Medidas de Calidad de Servicio QoSMETER

Eduardo Saiz, Iñaki Etxebarria, Luis Burgos
XXIV Simposium Nacional URSI. Santander, Spain. September 16-18

The need of a neutral Quality of Service (QoS) measurement system is usually demanded by Internet Service Providers (ISP) as well as their customers in order to evaluate their networks, and, therefore, establish comparisons with other providers. The service velocimetro.org and the measurement infrastructure QoSMETER, both developed by Networking Quality and Security Research Group (NQaS) at the University of the Basque Country, are a reliable solution to this demand. The aim of this paper is to show that, in due to the prolific growth of the Internet technologies over the last years, the merging of both projects is required. Several modifications are needed for that purpose and a procedure plan is required to minimize the effect of the plausible integration malfunctions in the services that are already deployed and accessible to users.<\/span>