Herramienta de gestión automatizada para la elaboración de proyectos en entornos de formación

Armando Ferro, David Sappia, Fidel Liberal
Medio de publicación:
XVIII Symposium Nacional de la URSI

During the last years the use of computers and Telematic networks has permited to surpass the barriers of space and time to facilitate interactive and personalised contact among the members of University community. The concept of a Virtual Campus has been introduced, offering several advantages over the traditional education: for instance, an easier communication between teachers and students and a solution for time and space problems. In this context the development of the system described in this document is aimed at helping users to smartly schedule projects, activities and tasks for an optimum use of work and effort, in an educational enviroment and in a simple and flexible way.<\/p>

XVIII Symposium Nacional de la URSI

A Coruña, Spain. September 10-12, 2003<\/p>