Sistema de gestión de servicios heterogéneos distribuidos

Jon Zubizarreta Pomposo, Fidel Liberal Malaina, José Luis Jodra Luque
Medio de publicación:
XXI Symposium Nacional de la URSI. Oviedo, Spain. September

This paper presents the design of a centralized system responsible for the management of remote procedures execution in a distributed scenario. The architecture proposed will be able to unify the information provided by several services with different types of managing interfaces. In these terms, the application will catch, organize and execute procedure queries from clients in order to achieve the information by means of a common interface that will be supported by a structure of plug-ins. On the other hand, one of the objectives of the design is to describe a model for the generic definition of tasks, so that the developed system could arrange them regardless of the type of service to which they belong.<\/span>