Prozesu Katalitikoak eta Hondakinen Balioztatzea

Ikerketa Taldea


Correlations for calculating peak and spouting pressure drops in conical spouted beds of biomass

Abstract: A study has been carried out on the applicability of the correlations proposed in the literature for calculating peak and spouting pressure drops to biomass materials. These parameters are essential for estimating energy consumption in spouted beds and depend on the contactor geometry, operating conditions and the type of particles. Five biomass materials have been studied based on their suitability for energy production by combustion and their different size, density and shape factor. Both peak and spouting pressure drops increase as particle size and density are increased and shape factor is decreased. Correlations have been proposed based on those already reported in the literature for regular materials. The influence of particle size and density is more pronounced in these irregular biomass materials than in regular ones, especially in the peak pressure drop. Shape factor is also highly influential, which is reflected on the greater influence of the static bed height for irregular materials, especially for the spouting pressure drop.