Serie de Seminarios

BILBONOMICS. A regular series of seminars given by invited speakers from other universities or institutions. Speakers are expected to present an unpublished working paper of which at least a preliminary but complete written version is available no less than two weeks in advance of the date scheduled. We meet Fridays for one hour plus discussion.

BROWN BAG. A forum to discuss ongoing research at (Spanish) lunch time. Professors and graduate students are invited to present a paper, no matter how rough. Do you have an idea and would like to discuss it? Send an email to Paloma Úbeda at and we'll schedule a "brown bag seminar" for you. Everyone is invited to attend. FAEII provides sandwiches and soft drinks. To attend, please, sign up in Room 2C66 or call 946013774. If you do not sign up, there will be no sandwich for you.

QUANTITATIVE FINANCE SEMINAR. The QF seminar hosts a series of invited lectures from senior members of the profession. The lectures are based on the speakers' own research and oriented to an audience of graduate students, though professors also attend.