ENLIGHT Network Language and Intercultural Virtual Exchange (ENLIVE)

At the ENLIGHT Alliance (of which the UPV/EHU is a member), we are now launching a new edition of the ENLIVE social sciences and English language course. This course is organized by the Department of Languages of the University of Bordeaux and students from all, 9 ENLIGHT universities, will take part in it.

You will be able to meet international students, develop your English language competences and engage in state-of-the-art societal discussions in a multicultural environment.

The sessions will be synchronous and online, and there is a number of days and hours available for you to choose among. The ENLIGHT team will need to preselect the local applicants, should there be more applicants than available sittings.

Check more details on the course in the attached file, and enrol for the course filling in the enrolment form at the ENLIGHT website.