Beatriz Plaza Inchausti dk.



  • Planificación Regional y Urbana II [Urban and Regional Economics]
  • Principles of Macroeconomics


  • Planificación Regional y Urbana [Urban and Regional Economics]. (Master de Investigación en Integración Económica)



  • Cultural Policy as Development Policy.
  • Museums as Economic Engines.
  • The Economics of Cultural Branding.
  • Cultural Tourism.
  • The Economics of Cultural Heritage and Museums.
  • Old Industrialized Cities and Urban Regeneration.
  • Urban Regeneration and Knowledge Intensive Business Services.


  • EUROPEAN COMMISION – CULTURE. (2012-2014) Assessing effective tools to enhance cultural participation. Project Reference: EU Culture Programme 359353-CU-1-2012. Brussels.
  • ETORTEK (2010-2012) Impact of personal spheres in real, augmented and virtual tourism spaces. Project Reference: BOPV 25-2-2011. Funded by the Basque Regional Government.
  • SAIOTEK (2011-2012) Brands that generate revenues: Modelling the impact. Project Reference: S-PE11UN039. Funded by the Basque Regional Government.


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