ENLIGHT: European University Network to promote Equitable Quality of Life, Sustainability, and Global Engagement through Higher Education Transformation

Specific programme: Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES

UPV/EHU Partner Status: Partner

UPV/EHU PI: Fernando Tapia Alberdi

Project start: 01/11/2020
Project end: 30/11/2023

Brief description: ENLIGHT's mission is to contribute to the fundamental transformation of European Higher Education that empowers learners as globally engaged citizens with state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, and innovation potential to tackle major societal transitions and to promote equitable quality of life and sustainability. To this end, ENLIGHT will establish the foundations of an integrated European University System with free movement of students and staff and sharing of resources that gradually links the structures of quality assurance, international outreach and global engagement, talent recruitment and investment in large research infrastructure.

ENLIGHT brings together comprehensive, research-intensive universities from nine European countries (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden), training over 300,000 learners per year and sharing a deep commitment to their social responsibility.

Like a lighthouse guiding sailors to shore, the ENLIGHT alliance will guide students to become lifelong learners and agents-of-change ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

ENLIGHT strives to transform the way in which we address global challenges by developing new models and methodologies for education and research adapted to the complex sustainability issues that cities and communities face today, focusing on five chosen flagship areas:

  • Health and well-being
  • Digital revolution and Impact of digitalisation
  • Climate change
  • Energy and Circular economy
  • Equity