Nagore Iriberri, Ikerbasque Research Professor, participates in a research projeet financid by The Research Council of Norway

Lehenengo argitaratze data: 2016/05/20

Título del Proyecto: Causes of bargaining Failure
Resumen: The workhorse model of bargaining in economics and political science assume rational agents and complete and perfect information. This model is unable to account for delay or breakdown in bargaining. An emerging theoretical literature explores behavioral causes of bargaining failure, such as biased beliefs, commitments, and lack of common knowledge rationality. We propose to add to this literature, by formulating models and by performing systematic evaluation of competing hypotheses in controlled experiments. The first part of the project addresses bilateral bargaining.
Investigador Principal: Leif Helland (Norwegian BI)
Periodo: 2016-2020
Miembros del grupo: Kjell Arne Brekke, Tom-Reiel Heggedal, Espen R. Moen, Karen E Hauge, Tore Ellingsen, Nagore Iriberri and Topi Miettinen.