Programming and Robotics with Scratch in Primary Education

J.C. Olabe, X. Basogain, M.A. Olabe, I. Maíz, C. Castaño
Education in a technological world: communicating current and emerging research and technological efforts. Publisher: Formatex Research Center, A. Méndez-Vilas (Ed.)
Hasierako orria - Amaierako orria:
356 - 363

The chapter includes a description via examples of the: objectives of integrating programming and robotics in elementary school; the pedagogical infrastructure, including a description of constructionism and computational thinking; the hardware-software support of the projects with Scratch and WeDo; and the academic support to teachers and students with Programming and Robotics are areas of knowledge that have been historically the domain of courses in higher education and more recently in secondary education and professional studies. Today, as a result of technological advances, we have access to graphic platforms of programming, specially designed for younger students, as well as construction kits with simple sensors and actuators that can be programmed from a computer. Keywords Programming; Educational Robotics; Scratch; Computational Thinking; Constructionism

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