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Doktorego tesiaren defentsa: Técnicas bio-inspiradas para el diseño y aplicación de modelos cognitivos en la industria digital

Lehenengo argitaratze data: 2024/07/10

Egilea: Alberto Diez Oliván

Izenburua: "Técnicas bio-inspiradas para el diseño y aplicación de modelos cognitivos en la industria digital"

Zuzendariak: Basilio Sierra Araujo / Diego Jesús Galar Pascual

Eguna: 2024ko uztailaren 16an
Ordua: 11:30h
Tokia: Ada Lovelace aretoa


"Bio-inspired techniques have been a source of inspiration in the scientific community for ages to provide advanced solutions to solve complex problems. Moreover, most of the innovations and creative inventions that are proposed by humans along our history are based on the observation of natural phenomena and the innate abilities of the biological organisms to survive and evolve. The industrial sector is also adopting these technological advances, supported by the digitization of the productive systems and the available information to be exploited. 

The present dissertation shows an exhaustive research on the bio-inspired techniques that have been applied during recent years to the industrial processes. The obtained insights are mainly focused on the analysis of the current machine learning and artificial intelligence developments in real industrial environments. Once the state of the art of these bio-inspired methods is established, a set of analytical and decision support tools is proposed.

The main objective is thus to illustrate how to develop cognitive models that are able to learn, think and adapt to complex and changing industrial scenarios. As a result, the productive systems are more robust, efficient and resilient."

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