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Zabala Alberdi, Luis

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Titulua: Telekomunikazio Ingeniaritza
Espezializazioa: Telematika
Ikastegia:  Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
Lorpen data: 1998


Egitarauaren titulua: Tecnologías de la Información
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Internet Quality of Service Measurement Tool for Both Users and Providers

Armando Ferro, Fidel Liberal, Alex Munoz, Eva Ibarrola, Cristina Perfecto
Non argitaratua:
11th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT'2004). Fortaleza (Brazil), August 01-06

This paper offers an approach to the definition of access speed measurements. An ever growing increase of Internet Service Providers (ISP) and different types of technologies in the Internet access, makes it difficult for users to decide which is the best or most suitable connection to satisfy their needs. From these considerations, the possibility of the Internet users to obtain a real and neutral measurement of the service of their Internet access may help them to decide if it is covering their demands or, on the contrary, the provider is not complying with the terms of the contract. In order to perform this measurement, an Internet speed test through web interface has been defined, as well as the way to obtain a measure which can comply with the objective of giving users a proper idea of how their Internet access is working. This project is included in the Quality of Service (QoS) investigation area in our investigation group.<\/span>

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