EuroSoTL 2017: Transforming patterns through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Noiz eta non

  • Noiztik: 2017/01
  • Noiz arte: 2017/01



Human behaviour, thinking, and interaction have a tendency to become institutionalised in tra- ditions, recurrent practices, and routines. This tendency may save energy, appear ef cient and pre- dictive but it also risks limiting learning and personal develop- ment.


 Ever since the start, SoTL has had an agenda to change and improve higher education, and this con- ference adheres to this call. The conference is about how SoTL can impact people and practices (or how SoTL has attempted this but failed).

The conference will address the general theme in a variety of for- mats.

We welcome submissions of emerging, ongoing, and nalised inquiries on how SoTL contributes to transformed patterns of learn- ing and behaviour in and between:
• students,
• teaching and teachers,
• collegial communities,
• departments and institutions, • leaders and managers, and
• society

Keynotes: Catherine Bovill, Univer- sity of Glasgow, and Mart Noorma, University of Tartu.

Abstracts (350 words) should be submitted by January 15, 2017 through the conference website: where you will also nd further details about the venue, formats, pro- gramme, speakers, proceedings, travel and accommodation.

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