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Full Text and Index searches can be done independently over the whole corpus or can be delimited by setting folio or date restrictions in the General Search box.
The “in all the content” option allows access to notes, headers and the critical apparatus as well as to the transcription itself.
Search results can be modified to suit the user’s requirements. The default setting of 250 characters includes document headers, whereas resetting the number of characters to a lesser figure produces a more compact output.
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e.g.: "545", "734-737"...

e.g.: "234v", "123-145v", "40-41"...
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e.g.: "1039", "923-1100"...
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e.g.: "1039", "923-1100"...
in all the content

e.g.: "falsificación", "Ed. Ledesma, p. 379"...
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e.g.: "Pampilona", "Naiara", "Castella"...

e.g.: "Pamplona", "Nájera", "Castilla"...


e.g.: "Ranimirus", "Regimiro", "Rademiro"...

e.g.: "Ramiro II", "Ramiro III"...
Searches can be conducted for both specific word forms and for lemmas, the latter bringing together all forms derived from a common root, irrespective of morphology or spelling.
Combinations of words or lemmas can also be searched for, indicating the maximum distance (in words) separating the different terms in the transcription.

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