High Performance Manufacturing Group

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About us

The High Performance Manufacturing Group is a part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), in the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, industrial capital of the Basque Country. The Group is currently made up by 18 people, divided into 4 Ph.D. Senior Lecturers, 3 Lecturers carrying out their Ph.D. Thesis, research staff working in their Ph.D. Thesis, and a number of final year students.

The research and academic work of the Group focuses on the field of manufacturing processes, specially the topics of high speed machining, electrical discharge machining, laser techniques and grinding processes. CAD/CAM and in general, computer assisted techniques are also addressed by the Group.

The aim of the Group is to bring together the scientific rigor, measured by the number of high quality international publications, amongst other indicators, and the industrial approach, highlighted by the large amount of projects with the support of leading-edge Spanish machine-tool companies.

The facilities of the Group include a workshop for machining tests, provided with high technology machines and instrumentation for measurement of force, temperature and other variables, always with the aim of getting the maximum information from each test.

Final year students also take part in the activities of the Group, finding there the inspiration to go ahead, in their professional lives, with the optimisation of manufacturing processes.

The relationships with other technological agents must also be highlighted. Thus, the Group was one of the founder partners of Margune Cooperative Research Centre, is the coordinator of the R2-TAF Spanish network, takes part in the Aerosfin network, only to mention some of them. Moreover, the Group is in touch with high-level university groups worldwide.

In short, the Group pretends to carry out quality research in the field of manufacturing processes, the results being both used to improve academic activities and to be transferred to industry, as stated by the slogan of the University of the Basque Country: Eman ta zabal zazu (Give and spread).