Prediction of Positive Behaviors in Physical Education: A Self-Determination Theory perspective

David Sánchez-Oliva, Carme Viladrich, Diana Amado, Inmaculada González-Ponce, Tomás García-Calvo


This study examined the motivational antecedents that might influence on positive behaviors in physical education classes. The sample comprised 1692 pupils ranging in age from 12 to 16 years old (M = 13.34; SD = .76), recruited from 83 school classes in 32 public secondary schools. A structural equation modeling was conducted, showing the importance of basic psychological need on type of students’ motivation, and how different types of motivational regulations determine the positive behaviors. Thus, motivational processes are emphasized as key factors for the development of adaptive behaviors in physical education context.


Basic psychological need, self-determinated motivation, adaptative conducts, adolescents.

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