This web page was done using wordpress and the a primpress based theme:

  1. Added the menu on the top. Modifications on main-menu.php and *css files.
  2. Added the new_excerpt_more function in functions.php.

Various plugins are also used:

  • Announcement and vertical scroll news: this is used for the srolling news appearing at the left hand side. Its appearcen can be controlled using the “ .widget_gAnnounce” obeject in the theme *.css file.
  • Category Order: With this plugin we controll the orders we want to be shown in the inex.
  • contentOVERVIEW: With this plugin, we see something like a TOC at the begining of each post. Each entrance corresponds to the <h1> <h2> hierarchies of the post.
  • Hierarchical Pages: Allows us to have a hierarchical view of the categories on the left index.
  • Category order and  Hierarchical Pages have benn  Substituted by My Category Order
  • Page Links To: This plugin allows us to make a “post” which links to an http address. For instance the “Publications” post.
  • RB Internal Links: Link to other blog posts and pages without specifying the full URL. Uses a UI to ease finding the post or page you want to link to.
  • WP Hide Post: allows us to “hide” posts. For isntance, this “about” post which is referenced from the footer.
  • WPML multilingual package. Changes in the database for vasco->Euskara translation (wp_icl_languages_translations)
  • papercite to include references. We export the biblio from EndNote web to EndNote export format. Then, inport it to jabRef and save this. If I export from EndNote web to *.bib I mis the DOI. We also have to remove the date and url field from the bibtex.

Comments where turned off in de database using the “UPDATE wp_posts p SET comment_status = ‘closed’, ping_status = ‘closed’ WHERE comment_status = ‘open‘” syntax