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International Conferences

Analysis of the Attenuation Caused by the Influence of Orography in the Medium Wave Band
D. de la Vega, S. López, D. Guerra, G. Prieto, M. Vélez, P. Angueira
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), Berlin (GERMANY), May 2007
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Estimation of the single obstacle attenuation in MF band from field data
Susana López, David de la Vega, David Guerra, Gorka Prieto, Manuel Vélez, Pablo Angueira
Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference (LAPC), Loughborough (UNITED KINGDOM), April 2007
Contribution: Poster / Publication: Proceedings

Subjective Evaluation of the Reception Quality Thresholds for the Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcast Standard
I. Fernández, J.M. Matías, D. Guerra, G. Prieto, D. De la Vega, J.L.Ordiales
56th Annual Broadcast Symposium (IEEE Broadcast Technology Society), Washington D.C. (USA), September 2006
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DRM Field Trials in ITU Region 2: Local coverage using 26 MHz and MW Simulcast
U. Gil , I. Peña, J. M. Matías, I. Losada, D. Guerra, J. L. Ordiales, G. Prieto
7th Workshop Digital Radio Broadcasting, Erlangen (GERMANY), September 2006
Contribution: Poster / Publication: Proceedings