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Data Analytics in Wireless Networks Projects Funded By Industry

  • Projects funded by industry 82

    High Performance Antennas for Utilities Private Frequencies (GENIE)

    Antenas de alto rendimiento para frecuencias privadas de servicios públicos (GENIE)

    • Project Contractor: Nokia
    • Project Partners: UPV/EHU
    • Length: June 2022-May 2023
    • Project Manager: Iñaki Eizmendi Izquierdo
  • Projects Funded By Industry 54

    Outsourcing agreement for the execution of research tasks in the proyect: "ACORN - Advanced and COgnitive Radio developmeNt framework"

    Acuerdo de subcontratación para la ejecución de trabajos dentro del proyecto "ACORN - Advanced and COgnitive Radio developmeNt framework"

    • Project Contractor: RETEVISION I, S.A.
    • Project Partners: UPV/EHU
    • Length: December 2014-November 2016
    • Project Manager: Manuel Mª Vélez Elordi